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the official measurer for the Tempo class

Michael Patz

The measurer for the Tempo Scow class, authorized by the German Sailing Association is:

Michael Patz
Horststraße 48
D-44625 Herne
Telefon: +49 (0) 2325 466036

the jobs of the measurer:

The measurer has the measurement documents to which next to class regulations and design plans also belong special measuring templates, which are imperative for a close measurement of a race boat.

The measurer cexamines the measures and weights of hull, mast, spars and sail for her conformity with the class regulations. The survey guarantees that at races the principles of class unity (comparatible boats in design and equipment) have been observed.

After measurement the owner receives a measurement document of the German Sailing Association which is connected with the international sports boat certificate. This certificate is internationally also regarded as a property certificate, comparable to a vehicle registration document.

Measured sails carry a stamp of the surveyor and a button made of blue synthetic material as a seal.

The measurement and the issue of a measurement document are work and time expensive and therefore provided with charges.
Would you like to have your Tempo Scow measured? Then use this registering form, please!